Buyers Education

Purchasing a home, whether it be your first or fourth, can be very daunting; it can be extremely time consuming, and is the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make. At “Buy Fall River Now,” we understand what you’re going through and have a number of resources to help you find the perfect home. Our diverse city has numerous housing options, so you’re sure to find a home that you’ll feel great about.

If you need assistance, we are ready to meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation.

Through the “Buy Fall River Now” program, we will help you:

  • Discuss the criteria for buying a home
  • Review mortgage products for first time homebuyers
  • Determine a budget and overall credit history information

Being ready is crucial in the home buying process, so our team also assists clients in preparing an “action plan” to follow to prepare for homeownership. Having a detailed, effective plan in place can make the entire procedure much easier for prospective home buyers.

Documentation usually required for a home buyer preparation appointment includes current pay stubs for your most recent months of employment, two years worth of tax returns and W-2′s, credit information (if applicable), and three months of bank statements. Additional information may be required. Don’t wait to buy the home you love!

For more information or to find out when the next available workshop is please contact:

Fall River Community Development Agency
George Tripp
(508) 679-0131 Ext. 6608

Catholic Social Services
City of Fall River Office
(508) 674-4681